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A Message From Our Church

We believe that God has a plan for Saskatoon. 250,000 souls call Saskatoon home. Yet, as one looks across the city there are not that many Gospel preaching churches. This makes Saskatoon a pivotal city in building the culture for Saskatchewan and Western Canada. It is here that the Gospel can have the biggest impact in our province and region. 

That’s where our church comes into play. We believe that Fairmont Baptist Church has a job to do in this city. We believe that God has a plan for us to have an impact for the Gospel here. Our vision is to do this by being a doctrine church who cares what the Word of God says and strives to live it out, a family church who truly loves one another, and a neighborhood church who focuses on where we’re located to see a change for Christ. 

We invite you to come along with us as we strive to worship God in spirit and in truth by living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Fairmont Baptist Church

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