FAIRMONT BAPTIST CHURCH IS A GROUP OF LIKEMINDED BELIEVERS Dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe we have been called to live the Gospel for the glory of God and the good of Saskatoon. We love this city and want all its residents to come to saving faith in Christ. 

Saskatoon is a city that is often overlooked. Hidden in the rural province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon stands as a city of over 265,000 souls. This city is known for being the City of Bridges due to the amount of bridges stretching over the vast Saskatchewan River. 

This is a beautiful picture of the Gospel at work in our city.

 The Gospel is the bridge that leads from darkness to light. One can cross freely through Christ's atoning sacrifice, never to return to the darkness of the past. This is the message of Fairmont Baptist Church. 

Fairmont is a church dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also a Baptist church.

We hold to the Baptist distictives as we believe they are Biblical doctrines. Today Baptists have been attributed many incorrect ideologies because of extreme groups. So to be clear, we are NOT King James only, we DO have drums, and we are NOT in the business of 20 minute altar calls.

We strive to have a morning worship experience that is inclusive. All are welcome to come and worship the Triune God.

Our services are at 10:30am on Sundays. Any given Sunday you would experience a worship service with modern songs and hymns,  corporate prayer, and expositional Biblical preaching (preaching the Bible verse-by-verse).We have ministries for all ages which includes a nursery and children's church (although feel free to keep the kids in the service as well). 

We are A loving and friendly church. Honestly, we are a family.

We're brothers and sisters in Christ who love one another and desire to push one another to be more like Jesus. If all of that interests you, by all means, come and visit us. We'd love to have you.